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INTERVIEW: On the Rise Alternative artist Amber Ryan Talks About Clashing Hip-Hop and Alternative Influence To Create a Cohesive yet Vulnerable Record.

Written By:
Louis Watson
Photography By:
October 11, 2022

So, you pretty much have a superpower that makes you incredibly talented in all aspects…, you’re a visual creator, you can sing, you can produce, you can do it all. How did any of that come to be, what came first?

It started with me and a guitar, writing songs in my room, and recording it on a little track machine. When I started the project as Amber Ryann I was looking for people to produce for me, and I quickly realized that no one was trying to work with me. So that’s when I got into my production bag and started honing in on my productions and creating instrumentals that really resonated with me.

Shortly after that I realized I enjoyed doing the production and further cultivate my own vision. I usually tell people that every facet of creativity that I’ve learned was purely out of necessity at the beginning, like just not having the resources and teaching myself how to do it.

And you’re currently working on a record that actually comes out in less than two weeks. How stoked are you to finally have this one out in the world?

I’m very excited especially rolling out this album campaign with all the singles leading up to [the album.] The reception has been very amazing, and that makes me feel elated because it feels like a vulnerable piece of me where I didn't hold back and did not consider what people might want to hear from me. I created something that was very in-tune with my life and my experiences and I just wanted to put that out into the world. I’m excited for the rest of the album to be out because I feel like it holds the most emotional pieces of the entire record.

What sets this record apart from any of previous releases?

I definitely owe a lot of credit to my team in terms of backing me up and being there to help me push the music and stuff. At the end of the day it's up to me and only me to focus on the narrative of the music and relay that to the listeners and make them want to listen to the music so my team helps me in a way that doesn't involve me having to push the music myself.

As a body of work, it's super cohesive. It tells a bigger story. This record in a whole is about my going through tumultuous experiences and learning to let go of those experiences and not letting them define me. I know that a lot of bad moments in our lives that we can't survive and exist through teach us how strong we truly are and that’s what this is about. In terms of singles I've released, it's just very intune with everyday experiences; life experience, relationships, family traumas.. Things like that, it just dives deeper into my existence and my experience as a human being.

I know you hop from genre to genre, you’re influenced by R&B, rock, pop but who are a few artists specifically that have influenced you to make this upcoming record?

I can't think of anyone specifically because my taste is so eclectic and I take so much inspiration from so many facets of music and it's forever changing and evolving. There’s so many things that are happening just in one year of music that’s being released. In general approaching this album, I’ve grown up on bands such as My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park and The Used and being in that era was really impactful for me as a listener. I was really immersed in those stories. I remember when My Chemical Romance would come out with a new record everything shifted. It was a completely different story they were immersing you in. That’s the feeling I want to give my listeners and my fans. So I think that might be the most influential in terms of what I want the album to be and for my campaign.

I love seeing Underrated Artist Season in my tiktok feed, because I like to just come in sometimes and lurk and discover new music. Are you ever inspired by the artists you find on that series?

Yes, I’m extremely inspired by Underrated Artist Season and that’s why I think I get so excited about finding new music. Before Underrated Artist Season I was always on the hunt for new music. I want to know what the new sounds are, I want to know what the kids are into nowadays. I was trying to find new music on the internet all the time. Everything is so delicately curated to the point where only people genuinely visible they already have somewhat of a following, they’re with this person and that’s all cool too but I wanted to discover people that no one has ever heard of before and it’s been extremely inspiring.  I’m always like “I can't believe this exists and no one knows who this person is”

If you could create your own genre to describe your music, what would it be called?

I feel like I’m semi-trying to create my own genre now. If I could create this perfect balance between hip-hip influence and alternative rock that would be a match made in heaven. I don't know what that genre would be called but that’s what I’d like to do. Some people like to call it the ‘Amber Ryann type beat’​

Do you see yourself becoming a live-touring artist in the future?

That’s definitely the goal, my whole heart and soul and end goal is to be on tour and on the road. That’s why I get up everyday and do what I do to have live experiences. I know by getting this record out to the right people, and getting the message out to the right people, hopefully I’ll end up on tour. I love being on stage and I grew up in an era where I used to be in a band and that was all I used to do. I used to gig all the time.

And Finally.. What is your dream tour? Who would you want to tour with?

I think my dream tour at the moment is so random but I would love to open up for Halsey. I just love Halsey, I’m a Halsey fangirl. So, I would love to open for her. I’d also love to open for Willow Smith because I really enjoy what they’re doing as well.

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Louis Watson

Pittsburgh, PA