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welcome to the new punkaganda press +

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Track-by-Track Dissection of Grumpster’s New Self-Titled Album: ‘Grumpster’

Written By:
Cora Perkins
Photography By:
April 29, 2024

Grumpster, a punk band from the Bay Area, has released their newest album, “Grumpster.”  The 11-track album takes you through waves of emotions.  It drags you down under the tide and into the dark depth below, only to bring you towards the surf once again, showing the light and hope above the surface.  Each track evokes a new emotion to discover and explore. 


The first song of the album, “Wither,” sets the tone for the rest of the EP.  Full of verve and passion from the start, the song has an elastic energy.  With energetic guitar and airy drums that concoct a lively mixture of sounds, you can’t help but move along with the beat.  The lyrics are a stark contrast to the carefree melody, describing the feeling of withering away and losing oneself.  

Just For Fun  

“Just For Fun” has a vastly different sound compared to “Wither.”  With hard-hitting guitar riffs and raspier, heavier vocals, the song has a grungier tone to it.  The track is full of energy and the emotion within the song is heard loud and clear. 


“SSBpt2” is an insanely addictive track.  With a melody somewhat reminiscent of a children’s song, Grumpster takes the tune and flips it on its head.  Full of hard-hitting drums and riffs that refuse to leave your mind, the song sparks adrenaline and makes you want to move.  


Although a calmer song at first, with only vocals and drums creating suspense of what’s to come, the track picks up fast.  The guitar pumps excitement through your veins and the bass pulses in your head.  The switch between vocals in the track only builds the energy further, creating an ever-growing ball of intensity.  

Bern Needs His Meds

“Bern Needs His Meds” has an airier sound to it.  It attacks your soul with lyrics of  “Going through the motions to make some sense of this” and “I haven’t found a reason to get up and try again.” The drums are reminiscent of a heartbeat, keeping you stable throughout the track. The guitar is hypnotic, leaving you dizzy as the bass stabilizes you. The track makes you feel like you’re in the air, floating in the wind.

Bottom Feeder 

“Bottom Feeder” is a fantastic mix of calm and crazed.  Beginning with only vocals and guitar, the track picks up at lightning speed with the addition of fast-paced, hard-hitting drums.  Throughout each verse, the energy is sedated, leading up to a chorus of heavier vocals and lively guitar.  The lyrics show this blend as well, with the lyrics: “Can’t fall asleep, got blood on your hands.”  The song is full of energy and leaves you buzzing with excitement. 


Full of earnest guitar and a bassline that holds you steady, “Grey” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being burnt out and numb.  It starts calm, with unshakeable drums holding down the track.  The melody picks up fast, with high-energy riffs and a chorus that buzzes in your chest.  With lyrics like “I used to feel alive, now I’m freezing all the time” and “Now I just feel grey, fading away” the song details detachment from everything around you.


“Thorns” is a track that pumps you full of adrenaline and sends shockwaves down your spine.  Full of fast-paced drums, insane guitar riffs, and an active bass, the song makes you want to move.  The song only quickens as it progresses, going faster and faster until you feel like your heart will beat out of your chest.  The lyrics are contrariety to the fast-paced energy of the melody, however, together they do a good job of explaining the feeling of discomfort and existentialism in a way that only music can. 

Bran’s Motto

The beat of “Bran’s Motto” holds you steady as the guitar and bass shake you back and forth with the melody.  The riffs throughout the track are intense and awe-inducing.  The focus on vocals during verses creates a variance throughout the song, making it only more powerful.  Almost anthem-like, the track fills you with emotion and reminds you that many people are in similar situations.


“Bone$” is a track that makes your soul glow. Musically, it is kindred to the Grumpster sound, with uncompromising drums, assertive riffs and punk tones. What sets this song apart is the vocals, rather than the gruff and grunge-esque vocals that create a high-energy feeling on other tracks, the vocals on “Bone$” are honeyed. The lyrics are that of a love song, “I wanna go wherever you go. I love your bones, you feel like home.” The blend of the sanguine vocals and lyrics creates a song that makes you feel comforted and warm.  


Seeping with emotion and passion, “Waste” is the perfect way to end “Grumpster.”  Starting with bass that gives goosebumps and incorporating trumpet that sparks something in your heart, the instrumental is incredible.   The track fills you with hope, even with the lyrics being as dejected as they seem.  It reminds you that you’re not alone in the emotions you’re feeling and that there’s a community of people who feel the same. 

“Grumpster” is an album full of lyrical dissonance.  With high-energy melodies and beats that pound in your head, each song stands out in its own way.  Grumpster’s self-titled album is available to listen to on streaming platforms now!

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