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welcome to the new punkaganda press +

welcome to the new punkaganda press +

welcome to the new punkaganda press +

welcome to the new punkaganda press +

welcome to the new punkaganda press +


Jhariah Continues To Expound Their Genre-Bending Journey Through New Record “TRUST CEREMONY”

Written By:
Louis Watson
Photography By:
April 19, 2024

Jhariah is not a fresh name here at Punkaganda Press. Following their strides since early 2020 has been the biggest privilege! Soft-launching their new era with singles “PIN-EYE” “EAT YOUR FRIENDS” and “RISK, RISK, RISK”, we knew we were in for a treat. Their new record “TRUST CEREMONY” is the perfect blend of all the work and proficiencies that Jhariah has been bringing to the forefront since their debut. This record brings out all of what they are, with the grace of welcoming even more genres to the table.

“TRUST CEREMONY is exactly as the title states, a celebration. I wrote it over the course of 5 years as a sort of thesis focused on trust; attempting to unpack what that word means to me, what it means to have it, to lose it, to want it, or to give it. It's equal parts me trying to process my life thus far, and creating aspirations for the future.”

Starting the record with “TOOTH PACT” immediately sets the stage for the rest of the record. This song takes a spin on Latin pop with the slight remnants of rock. At a composition level, it makes for a great opening track. With what seems to be the works of a xylophone, though it resonates more as a carillon, really brings out the ceremonious atmosphere.

Another track that really caught my attention was  BIGSHOT. The song speaks for itself. Played on Jhariah’s recent tour, the long-awaiting studio version of their song had to make a colossal entrance.. And so it did. This antagonistic anthem shines a light on challenging the idea of some folks feeling that they are bigger and more important than others, and perhaps putting up a faux front. 

This could not be an official Jhariah album without a sweet ballad-esque song, and that’s where “MAYBE DANCE LATER” and “RUSSIAN DOLL” take the stage. Something that sets these tracks from the rest of the album is the smooth, rich, and boisterous vocal range that Jhariah put on display. While passion lives in each of their creations on this project, there's a special type of spiritual devotion and yearning.

Overall, this Jhariah record is nothing short of a treat and we are very privileged to see him build himself into the talent he is today. From their music, to their visual creations, there’s nothing stopping this powerhouse from taking over in any space they want.

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