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Punk Powerhouse Karen Dio Unveils Her Anthem "Sick Ride"

Written By:
Alexia Abarca
Photography By:
May 14, 2024
  1. Congratulations on signing to Hopeless Records! That is such a big milestone to hit so early on – How did it feel when you heard the news?

    I was so stoked! Being signed by Hopeless Records has so much meaning for me. Not only because I have admired and respected them and their roster for many years, but because being recognised by a label like them, as an independent artist from Brazil, has given me and all my years of hard work so much validation. I’m their first Brazilian artist, that’s huge!
  1. Brazil has such a diverse music scene – How has growing up in Brazil shaped who you are as an artist today?

    Completely! Brazil is so vast culturally, it’s incredible! Even though I am playing a very particular music style as punk rock is, and also not in my native language, being a Brazilian is what gives me the whole flavour in my music. From my lyrics to my rhythm.
  1. Speaking of Brazil’s evolving music scene, is there a punk scene out there or is it slowly evolving?

    There is a very strong punk scene, there always was, but it’s not in the mainstream. The biggest bands in the punk/hardcore/rock scene are still very white straight cis male centric unfortunately, but there are some amazing bands formed by people in the queer community and by women that definitely should have more recognition in the scene like: The Biggs, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, Ratas Rabiosa, Charlotte Matou Um Cara, Demonia, Mercenarias…

  1. You’ve made it your mission to pave the way for marginalised groups in the music scene, which is so admirable and one of our goals as well. There is not a lot of space created for us. – How do you and your music contribute to that?

    My lyrics are mainly about the struggles of being a woman in society as well as in the music industry. I’m privileged because I’m white but I’m still a woman and a lot of things have happened in my journey up to here. Continuing to make music in a predominantly male business and occupying this space are some of my ways to contribute to my community and the more I grow, new ways of contributing will come.

  1. You’ve said that your single “Sick Ride” is something that is different from what you normally do – What was it like venturing outside of your comfort zone and did you expect to see such a positive response?

    Sick Ride is the first song that I’m not completely singing, I’m replicating a cheerleading vocal rhythm and almost sounds like I’m rapping but I can affirm to you that I’m definitely not rapping. Haha. It would be completely disrespectful to the rappers. I never did something like this in my life, so it was scary releasing it. It made me question myself like “I’m having fun here but will other people have fun listening to this, or will they think this is shit?” You know? haha And in the end, fortunately, the fans loved it and this song is reaching a whole new fanbase as well which is so awesome! I’m completely surprised by how well Sick Ride is doing. It’s really magical to see one of my songs connecting with so many people.

  1. In my opinion, Your sound is like if Joan Jett and Avril Lavigne had a baby – What are some of your biggest influences?

    That’s a great comparison, I love it! What is influencing me a lot lately are bands such as The Muffs, The Hives, The Distillers, Green Day… There is this band from the UK called Supermilk that I have been listening to a lot lately and also Dinosaur Pile Up (my husband’s band) really influences me. I love his music!

  1. You had a previous project called Violet Soda - How does that differ from what you are putting out now?

    I feel like in my solo career I add more “anger”, or “danger”. I like to call it “poison”, a word that I stole from a friend of mine, Chuck Hipolitho. My new songs feel similar to Violet Soda, like they are in the same world, but they are not the same.

  1. Is there anything fans or new listeners should be on the lookout for?

I’m starting to book my first shows right now so that’s really exciting. I can’t wait to play these songs live and I’ll be announcing dates soon. I’m also working on my first merch drops and I’ll have new songs coming out soon as well. There’s a lot going on right now! If you want to see everything that’s happening make sure to follow me on my socials.

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Alexia Abarca

Los Angeles, CA