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Celebrating Diversity and Advocacy: The Debut of No Values Fest

Written By:
Alexia Abarca
Photography By:
June 13, 2024

In a world often fraught with societal norms and expectations, events like the inaugural No Values Fest stand as a shining beacon of diversity, advocacy, and inclusivity. This groundbreaking festival, held recently in the heart of our city, wasn't just about music; it was a platform for change, enlightenment, and empowerment.

Photo By Alden Bonecutter

From the moment attendees stepped through the gates, they were enveloped in an atmosphere pulsating with energy and purpose. The lineup boasted a diverse array of bands, each bringing their unique sound and message to the stage. Among the notable performers were punk-rock legends like Social Distortion, whose electrifying set reminded everyone why punk remains a timeless force for rebellion and expression. They have paved the way for younger standout acts like Turnstile, a legendary band whose fierce lyrics and unapologetic attitude left the crowd roaring for more.

Photo By Quinn Tucker

Personal favorites of the night included the raw energy of Riot Grrrl hardcore revivalist Scowl’s blistering performance as a rallying cry for solidarity. Equally mesmerizing was the ethereal emo melodies of Joyce Manor, whose dreamy melodies provided a moment of respite amidst the festival's fervor.

Photo By Kat Nijmeddin

However, No Values Fest was more than just a music event; it was a celebration of activism and education. Throughout the venue, various booths offered resources and information on pressing social issues. One such booth provided training on administering Narcan, a life-saving antidote for opioid overdoses, empowering attendees to potentially save lives in their communities. Another booth focused on highlighting the experiences of women in traditionally male-dominated industries, confronting heteronormativity head-on and championing gender equality in the workforce. My favorite thing about multiple bands on the line up was the way they all stood together in solidarity for Palestine.

Photo By Alexia Abarca

The diversity of the festival's offerings mirrored the diversity of its attendees, creating a vibrant tapestry of voices and perspectives. From seasoned activists to curious newcomers, everyone found something to inspire and challenge them at No Values Fest.

As the night drew to a close and the final chords faded into the ether, the spirit of No Values Fest lingered on. In its wake, it left not just memories of music and merriment, but a renewed sense of purpose and determination. For in a world that often seeks to pigeonhole and divide, events like this remind us of the power of unity, compassion, and standing up for what we believe in.

No Values Fest may have been the first of its kind, but judging by its overwhelming success, it's sure to be just the beginning of a new era of activism and celebration. Here's to many more years of rocking out, speaking out, and making a difference.

about the author

Alexia Abarca

Los Angeles, CA