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The Evolutionary Sound of The Story So Far's 'I Want To Disappear' Marks a Bold Step Forward

Written By:
Alexia Abarca
Photography By:
June 23, 2024
Credit Eric Soucy

The Story So Far's latest album, "I Want To Disappear," marks a significant chapter in their career, showcasing a band that has evolved both musically and personally. Comprising ten tracks, this album resonates with the signature sound that has garnered them international acclaim since their inception.

The album opens dynamically with "All This Time" and "Watch You Go," immediately setting a frenetic pace that persists throughout. Parker Cannon's vocals immediately grab attention, delivering raw emotion and urgency. Following seamlessly from the opener, "Watch You Go" continues the momentum with its driving rhythm and anthemic chorus. The song showcases the band's knack for catchy hooks while delving into themes of reflection and moving forward.  These tracks, along with standout songs like "Jump The Gun," "Big Blind," and "Nothing To Say," maintain the urgency and raw energy that fans have come to expect from The Story So Far. Each song is a testament to the band's ability to blend melodic hooks with hard-hitting instrumentation, creating a sound that feels both familiar and fresh.

Thematically, "I Want To Disappear" delves into personal and professional growth, reflecting on the band members' journey through their 20s and the challenges they've faced along the way. This introspective approach is evident in tracks like "White Shores" and the title track "I Want To Disappear," where the band explores deeper emotions and experiences. As the album approaches its conclusion, "White Shores" offers a moment of reflection and closure. The song builds gradually, culminating in a cathartic chorus that leaves a lasting impact. Closing the album, the title track "I Want To Disappear" brings everything full circle with its introspective lyrics and atmospheric instrumentation. It's a fitting conclusion that encapsulates the album's themes of growth, change, and resilience.

Recorded and mixed by Jon Markson, the album benefits from a production that enhances its punchy and energetic vibe while allowing the band's musical evolution to shine through. The Story So Far has clearly pushed themselves creatively, aiming to exceed their own expectations rather than conform to any particular mold. This dedication to authenticity is palpable throughout the album, as each track feels like a deliberate step forward in their artistic journey.

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As a longtime fan of The Story So Far, experiencing "I Want To Disappear" feels like witnessing the culmination of years of dedication to their craft. Since their early days, the band has consistently pushed boundaries within the punk rock scene, and this album is no exception. What sets The Story So Far apart is their ability to be innovative while staying true to their roots, creating music that feels both groundbreaking and authentically theirs. Throughout their career, they've shattered stereotypes and genre conventions, pioneering a sound that blends infectious melodies with raw, emotive lyricism. "I Want To Disappear" continues this tradition by showcasing their evolution without losing the essence that initially captivated their audience. It's a testament to their courage to explore new sonic territories while maintaining the emotional honesty that defines their music. For fans who have followed their journey, each track on the album represents a milestone in the band's growth. From the intense energy of opening tracks to the introspective moments towards the end, every song reflects a band at the peak of their creative powers. The Story So Far doesn't just deliver music; they deliver an experience that resonates deeply with listeners who have grown alongside them.

In summary, "I Want To Disappear" by The Story So Far is a testament to growth, both as individuals and as musicians. It's a record that balances the band's trademark urgency with moments of introspection, showcasing their ability to craft music that resonates with listeners on multiple levels. For fans of the band, this album is a reaffirmation of everything that makes The Story So Far a standout in the punk rock genre. It's not just a collection of songs; it's a snapshot of where they are now and where they're headed next.

The Story So Far will be embarking on a headlining tour with Angel Du$t this fall. Purchase tickets here

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